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CM Morini CM 162EI

  • Uses pre-charged natural air eliminating temperature and pressure variation problems.
  • Complete peace of mind over usable pressure remaining due to each of two detachable cylinders having its front pressure gauge analog or digital. Sealing is inside the bottle and not outside in the pistol. If seal is broken you have only to use another bottle.
  • Sufficient air for a guaranteed 200 shots when charged to 200 bar.
  • Unique low pressure lock intercepts the loading gate to stop inconsistent velocity on later shots should any seal fail whilst shooting.
  • Electronic trigger with ball bearnig and dry-fire mechanism are unique to the 162 E’s (above all other match air pistols), in that both operations are felt to be the same on the trigger – pulling only closing a switch not a mechanical interlink system with partial disconnect.
  • Twin AAA batteries (available anywhere) give up more than 15000 shots.
  • On/Off switch with auto cut-off if accidently left on and unused.
  • Pulse red light to indicate battery condition satisfactory to shooting.
  • Lothar Walther precision barrel based on Morini’s own concept for the ultimate in accuracy.
  • Morini’s own factory anatomical adjustable wooden grips, right or left.
  • Muzzle compensator fitted as standard to eliminate barrel flip.
  • 5.0 mm foresight as standard. 4.0, 4.5, 5.5 and 6.0 mm are extra.
  • Matt black non reflective action body and blued steel barrel with two different colour cylindres for ease of identification and charging.
  • In a rigid carry case with red plush lining profiled for pistols and factory standard accessories – provision for match pellets & scoring gauge.
  • Complete with charging adaptor (to standard DIN thread), all tools that might be required for stripping, full instructions and guarantee.

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