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Gehmann 565 Rearsight iris, 6-colour filter with twin polariser

$288.00 CAD

565 Gehmann iris, 6-colour filter with twin polariser

Threaded for standard target rearsights
Removable steel thread allows retro-fitting of our 50309 magnifying diopter (-4.5 to +4.5)
Locking collar allows precise location of the V-mark
Laser engraved indications
Two polarisation filters

1. ring eliminates glare and controls white round target
2. ring (with lugs) controls light through the sight

Filters (filter and polariser) can be used together or one at a time
Adjustable iris made to our latest patent covering the range 0.5mm to 3.0mm
Internal surfaces are matt black reducing light reflection to a minimum
Matt finish to eliminate reflected light and subsequently distortion of the sight picture
Six optically flat glass colour filters which can be precisely located in position, colours: 

orange, light green, yellow, medium grey, dark grey and amethyst

Clear settings at either end of the adjustment range for use of iris only or polarisation only

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