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Gehmann #705 Torque Wrench with 4 Allen bits SW2.5 / SW3 / SW4 / SW5mm

$90.00 CAD

When buying the torque wrench kit, we supplie 4 torque bits:

Allen 2.5 mm
Allen 3 mm
Allen 4 mm
Allen 5 mm

permits adjustment from 4 – 12 Nm
oxidation free and suitable for a lifetime’s use

How to use your torque wrench:
1. Insert correct size torque bit into opening at end of wrench
2. Turn black knurled head until manufacturer‘s recommended torque reading for your rifle shows above edge of grip
3. To ensure perfect alignment of both action and stock carefully tighten screws in turn
4. Tighten srews to break away at pre-set torque value

World leading firms recommend following correct torque:

Feinwerkbau: 6 – 8 Nm
Steyr Sportwaffen: 5 – 6 Nm
Walther: 7 Nm
Anschütz: 5 Nm

With the correct torque a noise is audible. Do not tighten anymore at this point as this is the correct torque.

**** Please note that the regular screwdriver bit commonly available in hardware store won’t fit this wrench.

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