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H-N .177 / 4.49 Finale Maxx Heavy Rifle Competition pellets 200pcs ISSF Olympic

$18.00 CAD

Finale Maxx Heavy 4.49mm / .177 (200 pellets)
10 meters Air rifle shooting
ISSF World cup and Olympic!
Handsorted and packed
Best of the best only!

The top product for competition use.
The one Olympic winners and world champions rely on.
Maximum possible accuracy with maximum dimensional and weight accuracy.
Tightest shot groups, clean-cut bullet holes.
Minimum lead fouling and consistent shot spreads thanks to special Match alloy.
Hand sorted.
Head sizes available: 4.49
0.53 g / 8.18gr (+- 0.25%)
Smooth pellets
For paper target shooting

Out of stock at the moment

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