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Varga 3000X 37mm Pistol Shooting Frame w/ Offset nose and adjustable lens holder

$198.00 CAD

VARGA 3000 X  with lens holder 37mm     

The shooting glasses were developed from the experience of Olympic champion and world record holder Miroslav Varga                 

The best selling model for shooters. 
Thanks to its modern design and flexible clamps it is classified among the most universal glasses in the world.
The model has a vertically sliding holder with possibility to tip out the holder forward and backwards and every shooter can adjust the glasses individually on his/her face.
They are equipped with the eye socket with diameter 37 mm and eye cover for the left eye with width according to the new rules of ISSF.
The glasses are supplied in the plastic box.
* Please note that the plastic box will be black or blue depending on current stock
No glass lens included. We don’t kept lens in stock. Please refer to your local Optometric center, they will do it for you.

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