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Varga Varga 3000 23mm Rifle Shooting Frame Basic Left/Right eye Iris and ISSF eyeshield

$270.00 CAD

New VARGA 3000 Shooting frame.  
* Please note that the carrying case will be black or blue depending on current stock


140mm wide (fixed, not adjustable)

Here the details:

Basic w/adjustable 23mm iris

23mm Lens holder
Upgraded aluminum attachment
Silicone nose piece
Clip-on Iris (knobloch)
Flip-up Frost white 30mm ISSF legal eyeshield
Lightweight Varga frame
No lens included. We don’t kept lens in stock. Please refer to your local Optometric center, they will do it for you.

Lens placement is fully adjustable in every direction to make the most of your corrective optics no matter what your head position.

Kit that include the iris, this iris is fully adjustable which fits in front of the lens holder. This is particularly good for shooters who have difficulty in maintaining a good sight/target picture (smaller peep hole enhances depth of field) and especially recommended for small target events such as silhouette.

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