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VFG Medium 150x30x12mm VFG Weapon Care Magnetic Felt Clamps for Vises #224 / 66743

$21.00 CAD

VFG magnetic felt clamps for vices to protect the surface from damage.
For barrel or chamber cleaning, it can be useful to fix the barrel or cylinder firmly in a vice. To protect the surface from damage, VFG offers practical felt clamps. These are available in a range of dimensions to fit vices of all standard sizes. With the aid of the magnets on the back of the felt, the felt clamps can be quickly and easily positioned in the jaws of the vice.
The advantages are obvious: You have both hands free for cleaning. The VFG felt adapts to all shapes, and despite the pressure of the vice protects the surfaces of burnished or chased parts from damage.
Dimension 150 x 30 x 12 mm
#224 / 66743

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