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VFG Quick cleaning felts! Simply Shoot-em! Easy to use

Quick Cleaning Felts
You can ”shoot” them just like a pellets.

****Please make sure that you point out of any danger****
These Quick cleaning felts are for compressed air or C02 gas powered pistol and rifle only (won’t work with firearms as you need air to expelled them)

These felts will not damage the inside of the barrel like a regular brush would do.
This is the safest and quickest cleaning product around, with no dangerous chemical

Typical usage is one shot before the shooting session and one at the end.

Approx quantity:
.177/4.5 = 100 pces
.22/5.5 = 80 pces
.20/ 5.0 = 80 pces
.25/ 6.35 = 80 pces
.177/4.5 = 500 pcs

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