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Gehmann #501A Rearsight Lense Holder for all irises with a Male M9.5 Thread

$75.00 CAD

Rearsight Lens Holder

501A Lens holder for later Gehmann irises
Will fit iris from Centra/MEC, Anschütz, Steyr, Feinwerkbau with M9.5 thread

23mm lens holder allows a prescription lens to be fitted eye-side of your rearsight
manufactured exclusively for our own latest irises with a detachable front thread
and not carrying the 1.5x magnified diopter
The detachable steel front thread of your iris is removed with the factory spanner
501’s adaptor thread is then screwed into the front of your Gehmann iris
501, now with your iris mounted, is screwed into your rearsight after loosening the
rail carrier’s allen screw
Mount your prescription lens in the lens holder which may be slid off the rail for
easier assembly
Reposition the lens holder on the rail as required and lock it in place
Positioning of the assembly on your rearsight is easily set as the attachment boss has radial adjustment and is simply secured with the allen screw located in the front body
Available for other manufacturers irises and our own earlier versions that didn’t have the ability to remove the front attachment thread

Iris, Rearsight & filter are not included, picture only used to show once is installed.
ISSF allowed under rules C) A single corrective lens may be attached to the rear sight only; or the athlete may wear corrective or tinted lenses.
ISSF is good for: 10 meters rifle, 50 meters rifle, 300 meterts rifle, smallbore and  Standard rifle

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