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Gehmann Torque Wrench Bits / Ends Flathead 2.5mm Please choose

$8.00 CAD

Price $8.00 and up

These will also fit the Anschütz torque wrench

6 model to choose from:

Allen 4mm Long
Allen 5mm Long
Allen 2.5 mm
Allen 3.0 mm

World leading firms recommend following correct torque:

Feinwerkbau: 6 – 8 Nm
Steyr Sportwaffen: 5 – 6 Nm
Walther: 7 Nm
Anschütz: 5 Nm

**** Please note that the regular screwdriver bit commonly available in hardware store won’t fit our torque wrench.
The base of the torque wrench bits is approx 8mm / .315 inch

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