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VFG Oil Felts for Maintenance Soaked with Ballistol gun oil 10x5cm

$11.00 CAD

VFG oiled felts
packed by 20x 10x5cm rectangular felts

The value of a weapon depends not only on its precision but also on its overall condition and appearance.
Hand contact, condensation caused by rapid changes of temperature or rain can soon cause rust to appear.
Weapons should therefore always be preserved with oil.
Conventional means of preservation are often very inconvenient in use. When spreading oil from a bottle or spray can, it is difficult to use the correct amount, and oil often goes everywhere.
Most of the oil is soaked up by the cloth, which is then either thrown away or, if kept, spreads the typical smell of gun oil about the house.
A much cleaner, more reliable and more economical method for external weapon care is to use the practical oiled felts from VFG.
VFG oiled felts are thin squares of specially absorptive felt which are soaked in Ballistol gun oil.
The VFG oiled felts come in practical, recloseable tins. For weapon care, simply take out an oiled felt and wipe over the external parts of the gun. VFG felts are soaked in gun oil in such a way that they can be used for up to three times.

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